Booking In

Your accommodation will be available to you from 2pm on the day of arrival, unless otherwise arranged. We may not be able to accommodate you if you arrive earlier than the agreed time as we will be busy preparing your accommodation. Please advise us at least 1 day before your arrival date of an approximate arrival time to allow us to meet with you and hand over keys etc. If you will be delayed please notify us as soon as possible.

Entrance Gate Procedure
Our entrance gates operate using a secure telephone connection. Just call the provided telephone number once you are at the gate, this will then operate the electric gates. Please ensure that you have supplied any telephone numbers you wish to use to enter our site as the gate will only accept approved numbers on the system.
There is an intercom system should you need to use it.
The gates open electronically inwards to our site.
Please ensure you keep clear of the gates during operation, we are not liable for any injuries or damage to your property for failure to keep clear.

Please be ready to leave the accommodation by 11am on the day of departure, unless otherwise arranged.

Contact Details

A: Peak View Shepherd Huts
Woodhead Road
SK13 7QE


T: 07508 363918

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